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 If you are the owner of a Seacracker 33 and would like to be listed on this page please contact seacracker @ broomiebank.com 
maetMaet - recently sold and is on her way to Spain.

KifKif KifKif - Sold to new owner in France, who is impressed with her sailing qualities. Last reported sailing off to the Caribbean.
MooneshineMooneshine - currently moored in Inverness. Owned by Tom Fuller. Mooneshine has had quite a journey, from initially cruising on the West Coast of Scotland she crossed to the Azores and was in the Carribean for several years before going up to New York, she was then up and down from there to Newfoundland several times (being dismasted once in the process, due to a failed rigging screw), before being relocated back across the Atlantic in August 2012.. The crew had a dreadful trip weatherwise, but were full of praise for Moonehine's seakeeping abilities. She is now in need of a bit of a cosmetic re-fit before being used for some more sedate family cruising.
wanderers_dream_2Wanderer's Dream (formerly Pegasus) - currently moored in Milford Haven  
MerlinMerlin (Tufglas 33) - currently moored in Hartlepool
Merlin has recently gone through a complete refit and is a transformed boat. 


Friendship (formerly High Flyer) - currently moored in Hartlepool
Isle of Mist - currently moored in Mylor, Cornwall

lamplighterLamplighter - just been purchased in  Medemblik, Netherlands. Originally from Hull were it was registered under number ssr 24954.  

fireflyPreviously Clairvoyant, now reanmed to Firefly. Home mooring on the upper Cyde, and undergoing some serious refurbishment.

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